2014 | Artesilva

2014 | Artesilva

2013 | Ravenna

2013 | Ravenna "Jorrit Tornquist e la luce eterna del colore"

2012 | Denver

2012 | Denver "The intersection of color and thought"

2013 | Chiari

2013 | Chiari "...colore colore colore..."

2013 | Cerrina

2013 | Cerrina "La leggerezza della scultura"

2003 | Stand fieristico Manzerra

2003 | Fair stand Manzerra

Il progetto riprende l’idea dell’installazione artistica realizzata nel 1967 a Graz Austria per la ditta ”Humanic “. Il gioco cromatico si basa su una struttura F(xy) formata da un’armonia a quattro, che orientandosi ...
1994 | Galleria Magnet

1994 | Magnet Gallery

The Magnet galleria deals mostly with the art of the ‘900,works of art characterized by the yellow sheen of that time;subsequently the exposition area requires a color that compensates the yellowing of the surfaces.
1991 | Tavolozza Faentina

1991 | Faenza Palette

The necessity brought forward by the Faenza project was to recreate the historical palette on a philiological level, translate it in to current system and produce it up to modern standards.
1986 | Gadget per mostra Futurismo & Futuristi

1986 | Gadgets for the exibition of Futurismo & Futuristi

A homage to Giacomo Balla.
 1982-1984 | Mostra: Uso della luce e del colore

1982-1984 | Color & Light Exposure

An exposition organized by the townhall of Turin in collaboration with Ente fieraof bologna with the purpose to pubblicize the urban colour plan created in Turin.We wanted to bring out the importance of the theories of interact...
 1966 | Caffeteria della Casa dello Studente

1966 | Caffeteria of the house of students

The red thin plates, green, yellow, violet, have been arranged in such a way to cause different chromatic perceptions according to the point of view, thanks to the mutual chromatic overlaps and reflections. The chromatic sum of...