In Città

2012 | Nuova passerella sul viale Serra

2012 | Nuova passerella sul Viale Serra Milano-I

La scelta cromatica interpreta gli elementi strutturali del ponte per evidenziare una lettura dinamica. Il nero lucido della pila di sostegno, accentua l'idea di peso e robustezza, esso si estende sull’arco attraverso passagg...
2010 | Colore complesso residenziale

2010 | Progetto colore complesso residenziale

2009 | Centro commerciale

2009 | Centro commerciale

La scelta cromatica previlegia un approccio che rende dinamica la lettura visiva del complesso.Attraverso passaggi di colore da un blu chiaro ad un blu scuro che percorrono il perimetro di tutto l’edificio, scanditi con un ri...
2002 | Nuove residenze Il Violino

2002 | Nuove residenze Il Violino

The choise of an gradient from one colour to an other was determinated from the necessity to mantain the architectonic continuity. The colours choosen for the diffrent unity mantains the same lightness and satturation, making t...
 2001 | Galleria Tito Speri

2001 | Tunnel Tito Speri

The chromatic change gives rhythm and measure to the passage of the gallery, creating a pleasent feeling .The left side starts with blue-green ending with red. The two colours penetrate towards the center.The illumination for t...
 1999 | III Millenium, Segno Luminoso, Concorso Milano 2001

1999 | Competition Milan 2001, III Millenium, Light signal

International Architecture competition for a Monument on the Place Duca d’Aosta. The sign project is set on a marble base from Carrara. From this base a strong multicolor beam of light shines up from it. The site of the work ...
 1999 | Illuminazione stradale

1999 | Illuminazione stradale

Sinfonie In Red.The colour alteration of two reds and by night of two different lights now characterize via Kennedy.
1998 | Torre piezometrica

1998 | Watertower

With its impressive presence the tower should be a landmark ,although a subtle one.The choice of colours suggests an unusual look,a colourful reflection,that changes with the light of day.
1996 | Jakominiplatz

1996 | Jakominiplatz

Yellow is a bright colour, active, energetic but also tight, not heavy and inert like the grey colour of the ground. Jakominiplatz is not a place to linger, but a place of action. of movement - you have to be alert, extremely a...
1990 | M1 am Färberplatz

1990 | M1 in Färberplatz

A modern house in an historic context. We wanted to oppose the old with the new.The spatial cross creates a sign that captures and reflects natural sunlight.
1986 | Palestra The Gym

1986 | The Gym Fitnesscenter

The Gym and squash club represents a bit of a revolution in the concept of sport and association clubs.A revolution of contents,but also of project philosophy,architectual and of organisation,to which mixed also the matching of...
1983 | Villa Dr. Holl

1983 | Dr. Holl Villa

A villa very distinctive: expressive, customized by the customers that, rather of a grey life, wanted a colored life as leaders. Spaces of varied natures open to interiors for customized vices and virtues, but already promised ...
1981 | Case popolari 2

1981 | Council Houses

High condos that dissolve in the sky. It has been necessary to insert a strong contrast. For the elements of depth i have chosen a heavy colour which moving upwards changes in to a lighter one.
1981 | Case popolari

1981 | Council Houses

The principal colours of the main facades follow the ones of two chromatic circles rotated 180° against eachother in different directions.The chromatic circle determines the colours of the facades towards the central space mak...
1980 | Industria UTS

1980 | UTS Industry

This building is composed from elements not homogeneous and disproportional in their report. It has been tried to simplify the reading annulling the proportional difference giving the individual bodies monochrome chromatic sens...
 1979-1981 | Piano regolatore del colore di Torino

1979-1981 | Turin city Colorproject

Elaborated for the Regulator Plan of Color of the commune of Turin: historic center. The historic denotation of color for this house was grey. It has been selected a dark grey, like the stone of the portal, for the lower part o...