2002 | Windmills

Windmills | Calabria -I

The technical refinement of the windmills necessitates a likewise aesthetics.
The wings are in the middle, where the generator is, dark-blue, because here power and tension are at their top. To the wing-tops, where speed is, the darkness-blue turns into a bright Blue-hoar.
From the wind to the energy-production.
At the resting the masts begin with a colour like the vegetation and the ground. The same colour has the standing casing of the appliances at the ground. This colour runs then over a hoar (colour of the distance) to the dark Blue, then runs out in bright Blue-hoar.
From the cousin to the heaven.
Important is that the wing and the masts never becomes visually blurred, because this will disturb the clarity of the message.
The background changes itself and point out different parts of the plant and different partitions. If the heaven is blue the centre of the wings will disappear and the tops will step forward. At grey-blue heaven we have the opposite situation and so clouds appear comes too it to most different situations. The masts behave exact contrary.