2002 | Nuove residenze Il Violino

Nuove residenze Il Violino | Brescia -I
Cooperativa La Famiglia

The choise of an gradient from one colour to an other was determinated from the necessity to mantain the architectonic continuity. The colours choosen for the diffrent unity mantains the same lightness and satturation, making the perceptiv step from one to the other less. The reading of contrast depends of the difference of lightness.
To the tipologies "L" was added a darker colour, but hue and satturation did'nt change, at once to catch more energy from the sunlight at on the other part to have a lightsensation also with a cloudy sky.
The opposite facades have opposite gradients not permitting a visual fushion but creating a sensation of wideness.
The colours of the buildings with four flors have darker and less saturated colours.