1980 | UTS Industry

UTS Industry | Turin –I
Teamwork with studio ArchA.

This building is composed from elements not homogeneous and disproportional in their report. It has been tried to simplify the reading annulling the proportional difference giving the individual bodies monochrome chromatic sensation. Windows and coatings are in anodized aluminum, then the colors are selected in correspondence with the middle reflection of the material anodized, doing in way that they appear clearer or darker according to the direction of the light of the relative façades, For the A-body, administrative office, color is grey of the natural aluminum; the D-body is painted with a color similar to that of the street on which it is placed to accentuate the bond with it; as a consequence the C-body has such a color to appear like the D-part illuminated from the sun. The B-body is the bond between the different bodies and is of blue-grey color; the imminent E-body is of blue-grey clear color, almost similar to B-body illuminated in way that it, by perception, is unburdened and it is camouflaged in the sky. The corners are thought like element of link between the dark part of a wall and the clear part of the other.