1985 | Afroasiatic institute

Afroasiatic institute | Leechgasse, Graz (Stmk) – A
Teamwork with Arch. Jörg and Ingrid Mayr.

The colours of the facades are sky blue and green,elements in which the building is immersed. If during the winter the green dissapears the sky grey of the building takes over and matches itself to the terse sky.
It consists of a light construction made from wood and iron placed on the roof of the studio and connected with the cage of the existing stairs. Inside it feels like ahouse built on a tree.
Entering the building you find yourself in a circle of light.
Fire,the light that man took with himself the power to change the irriversible succession of day and night and the understanding of time.
The red though,communicating battle,life,love,played by trumpets of light,it stirs the senses like the other,blue the mind,concluding with a solar yellow,contributing to a feast of sensations.