2002 | Thermoelectrial factory

Thermoelectrial factory | Pozzolengo (BS) -I
Asm Agsm

The industry-buildings followed as appearance-form of following tendencies. With the beginning of the industry-age the buildings became symbol of the civilian adjusts. The style of villas with corresponding decorative elements bases itself to pre-existent architectonic models. This led building ,in time, to became something existing by itself. Industry-buildings were no longer expressing functionality like work-conditions that means productivity, new values that took importance, changing soon the old architectural values. With the rapid growth of industrial country-ships the desire of an integration into the respective context arose.The relationship between the architecture and the countryside often dissolves the identity of each one, consequently it became an itself Disowns. It originate a monologue of the several context. With the consciously-becoming of the importance of the constructions as well as the context, urban or rural, the communication of the function becomes the first architectural value. It originates consequently a dialogue between the building and the respective context. Architectural communication as well as context-communication should qualify themselves creating a dialog or a contrast qualifying mutually themselves, consequently the architectural element becomes the key to the understanding of the environment. The trend-development is not continuity definite but the jumping from one to the opposite extreme.