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1938 born at Graz, Austria
1956 studies biology , University of Graz -A
1958 studies Architetture, University of Graz-A
1959 begins studies about phenomenons of colours
1966 first colour-project
1966 member of Forum Stadtpark, Graz-A
1967 founds the group Austria "Impulsgitteruntersuchungen", Graz-A
1969 colorist of the colourplaning the city of Torin -I 1972 founds the group "team-colore", Milan -I
1973 overseamember of the Colour-center, Tokyo
1977 member of the group "Surya", Milano
1979 member of the "U.N.I".(ente nazionale italiano di unificazione)
1992 becames italian citizen but retaining the austrian
1995 founds the group "Color & Surface": Barcelona-Milan-Wien -A
1999 scientific director of the "Istituto del colore" di Milan -I.


1967 "Teoria einer Möglichen Gestaltung"/catalog trigon 67, Graz -A
1972 "Teoria einer Möglichen Gestaltung" II catalog of the centro culturale St. Elmo, Salò and
         gallery Ferrari, Verona
1973 "Perzeption and the 3° Dimension", catalog of the Neuen Galleria,Graz
1978 article about "Critica 0" at Montecatini -I - Kleine Zeitung - Graz -A,Feltrinelli - Milan.
1979 "colour in the city" - la repubblica, Milan -I e Kleine Zeitung, Graz -A
1983 pubblicates the book "colore-luce" (basic design), Hoepli, Milan -I
1996 pubblicates the book "colore-luce" teoria e applicazione, Istituto del Colore Milan I. PRIZES
1966 2°. Förderungspreis of the city Köflach -A subventionprize of the Styria -A
1967 prize ex equo for a "divan- bed" to blow up, Wittmann, Wien -A
1968 2° prize int. Art /Acireale -I
1968 medaly ofl eurodomus II, Torin -I
1969 3. Artprize of the Styria -A 1970 prize for "Architectur for 2000", Trigon Graz -A
1972 prize friends of the Neuen Galleria, Graz -A gold medaly for colour , Fiera del Mobile, Monza-I


Wien -A, XXjhdt
Graz -A Neue Galleria Basel -CH
Progressiv Museum Eilat,
Israele Museum of Modern Art
Cagliari Galleria Comunale di Cagliari -I
Acireale I Museo Civico
New York Mc Crory Collection
Vaggiago -I Museum Calderara
Salò -I Museum of drawings


1980-97 1980 professorship of "color/light", Istituto Europeo di Design, Milano and Cagliari
1987-88 "colour and textile", Alpenforum "colour and textile". Cagliari -I "colour and light", Arte &
             Scienza, Milan -I
1987-2000 "colour and light" University ofr Architecture, Graz -A
1989 "colore e texture for textile", Centro Tessile Frangipane, Udine -I Workshop " the cloth" ,
        Progetto Dir, city of Milan -I + lombardy "texture and sinestesy", Arte&Scienza, Milano
1991 "selettive affinity" Progetto Dir, Milano "colour and textile", Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale
        V.E. Marzotto, Valdagno
1993 "colour and light", Ikea, Milan -I "colour" Centro Tessile Frangipane, Udine -I
1993-98 "colour", Accademia Carrara, Bergamo -I
1993-2000 "colour and light" Politecnico Milan -I "colourcourse", Universidad des los Andes,
                 Bogotà, Colombia.

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You can create some beautiful content by using some simple HTML elements. The Warp theme framework offers some neat styles for all HTML elements and a great set of CSS classes to style your content. Basic HTML is very easy to learn and this small guide shows you how to use all styles provided by the Warp framework.

Basic HTML Elements

Here is a short demonstration of text-level semanticts. The <p> element creates a new paragraph. It will have some space before and after itself. To turn your text into hypertext just use the <a> element.

Text-Level Semantics

You can emphasize text using the <em> element or to imply any extra importance the <strong> element. Highlight text with no semantic meaning using the <mark> element. Markup document changes like inserted or deleted text with the <del> element or <ins> element. To define an abbreviation use the <abbr> element and to define a definition term use the <dfn> element.

Short List with Links

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  • Warp Framework - Fast and Slick Theme Framework
  • ZOO - Content Application Builder
  • Stock Icons - For Web and Print Projects

Quotations and Code

Inline quotations can be defined by using the <q> element.

The <blockquote> element defines a long quotation which also creates a new block by inserting white space before and after the blockquote element.

To define a short inline computer code use the <code> element. For a larger code snippet use the <pre> element which defines preformatted text. It creates a new text block which preserves both spaces and line breaks.

pre {
    margin: 15px 0;
    padding: 10px;
    font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace;
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 18px;
    white-space: pre-wrap;
Use the <small> element for side comments and small print.

Useful CSS Classes

Here is a short demonstration of all style related CSS classes provided by the Warp framework.

Highlight Content

Drop caps are the first letter of a paragraph which are displayed bigger than the rest of the text. You can create a drop cap using the CSS class dropcap. To emphasize text with some small boxes use <em> element with the CSS class box.

This simple box is intended to group large parts of your content using the CSS class box-content.
This is a simple box to highlight some text using the CSS class box-note.
This is a simple box with useful information using the CSS class box-info.
This is a simple box with important notes and warnings using the CSS class box-warning.
This is a simple box with additional hints using the CSS class box-hint.
This is a simple box with download information using the CSS class box-download.

Use the CSS class dotted to create a dotted horizontal rule.


Create a zebra stripped table using using the CSS class zebra.

Table caption
Table Heading Table Heading Table Heading
Table Footer Table Footer Table Footer
Table Data Table Data Data Centered
Data Bold Table Data Data Centered
Table Data Table Data Data Centered

Definition Lists

Create a nice looking definition list separated with a line by using the CSS class separator.

Definition List
A definition list is a list of terms and corresponding definitions. To create a definition list use the <dl> element in conjunction with <dt> to define the definition term and <dd> to define the definition description.
Definition Term
This is a definition description.
Definition Term
This is a definition description.
This is another definition description.


Create a clearly arranged form layout with fieldset boxes using the CSS class box.

Form legend

Personal Exposition

Afro-Asiatische Institut, Graz-A
Old Inn, Graz-A
Galleria Basilisk,Vienna-A
Schauspielhaus, Graz-A
Galleria Vismara, Milano
Centro Feltrinelli, Trieste
Galleria nächst St. Stephan,Vienna-A
Galleria del Cavallino,Venezia
Möbelhaus Ertl, Graz-A
Ecksaal des Joaneums, Graz-A
Cenobio Visualità, Milano
Galleria Sincron, Brescia
Galleria Sincron, Rimini
Forum Stadtpark Graz-A
Galleria Vismara, Milano
Centro Culturale UXA, Novara
Ponteur-Abstracta, Bergamo
Biffi, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milano
Galleria La Polena, Genova
Galleria Barozzi, Venezia
Centro Ti, Torino
Galleria Lichter, Francoforte-D
Disque Rouge, Bruxelles-B
Club dei Bibliofili, Milano
Galleria Il Segnapassi, Pesaro
Museum moderner Kunst Suvremene
Umjetnosti, Zagabria
Galleria Reckermann, Colonia-D
Galleria Ferrari, Verona
Centro d'arte Santelmo, Salò (Brescia)
Galleria del Barba, Castellanza (Milano)
Galleria Look, St.Gallen-CH
La Cappeletta, Osnago (Lecco)
Studio d'arte Eremitani, Padova
Galleria del Cavallino, Venezia
Galleria D' Arte Parodi, Genova
Galleria Suzanne Bollag, Zurigo-CH
Neue Galerie, Graz-A
Studio F 22 Palazzolo s/Oglio, (Brescia)
Centro Culturale Serre Ratti,Como
Team-colore, Milano
Teatro civico "Le quattro stagioni" in collaborazione. con i musici di Roma, La Spezia
Galleria Giraldi, Livorno
Galleria il Salotto, Genova
Galleria dei Mille, Bergamo
Cassina, Milano
Effemeridi, Modena
Gallleria Uxa, Novara
Galleria Seestrasse, Rapperswil, Zurigo-CH
Centro Culturale Santelmo,Salò, Brescia
Katholische Hochschulgemeinde,Graz-A
Studio FL, Roma
Studio 17, La Spezia
Galleria Look, St.Gallen-CH
Galleria Bossin,Berlino-D
Galleria La Polena, Genova
Galleria Edith Wahlandt, Schwäbisch Gmünd-D
Galleria Falazik, Neuenkirchen-D
Galleria Pa. Szepan,Gelsenkirchen-D
Galleria Quarta Dimensione, Arezzo
arte struktura, Milano
Galleria Galliata, Alassio
L 'Indiano Grafica, Firenze
Galleria Look, St. Gallen-CH
Sala Comunale, Alessandria
L'Angolo, Brà, Torino
Centro Culturale UXA, Novara
Pinacoteca Comunale, Macerata
Pinacoteca Comunale, Sassoferrato
L'Indiano Grafica, Firenze
Neue Galerie, Graz-A
arte struktura, Milano
Galleria Loock, St. Gallen-CH
Cooperativa Esperienze Culturali, Bari
RS Cento Serreratti, Como
Laboratorio arti visive centro culturale, Foggia
Galerie von Braunbehrens, Monaco-D
Galleria Vera Biondi/Firenze
Galleria Edith Wahlandt / Schwäbisch Gmünd-D
Studio F 22,Palazzolo s/Oglio (Brescia)
Exakte Tendenzen, Schloss Buchberg-A
Neue Galerie Studio, Graz-A
Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Münzgraben, Graz-A
Galleria Glacies, Graz-A
Aktion: apARTheid, Hauptplatz Graz-A
Libreria Manzoni Cultura, Monza
Galleria Gajetan Grill, Vienna-A
Galerie an der Fabrik, Spital am Phyhrn-A
Centro d'arte Santelmo, Salò (Brescia)
Neue Galerie, Graz-A
Kärntner Landesgallerie, Klagenfurt-A
Galèria Dorottya, Budapest-H
Galleria Glacies, Graz-A
Studio F22, Palazolo s/Oglio (Brescia)
Gelateria Spini, Robbiate ( Lecco)
BidArt Galleria Valente, Bergamo
Galleria Linea '70, Verona
Galleria Glacies, Graz-A
arte struktura, Milano
Studio UXA, Novara
Studio F22, Palazzolo s/Oglio (Brescia)
Galleria Zozos , Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milano)
Galleria Il salotto, Como
Plaza Gallery, Tokyo-J
Galleria Vismara, Milano
Naturparkzentrum Kulturverein, St.Gallen-A
Museo D'Arte Moderna Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantova)
Galleria del Credito Valtellinese, Palazzo Sertoli Sondrio
Galleria d'arte Verbania (Novara)
Studio F22 Palazzolo s/Oglio, (Brescia)
Torre di Colnago, Cornate D'Adda, (Millano)
Spazio Cultura, Cortina D'Ampezzo
Elektro Franz Sommer Oeg- Furstenfeld-A
Galleria Anna Osemont, Albissola, (Savona)
Expoarte 2000, Montichiari (Brescia)
Galleria Vismara, Milano
"Colore casa" Palazzo della Triennale, Milano
Studio F22 Palazzolo s/Oglio (Brescia)
"Color-Works" Festa dell'unità, Osnago (Lecco)
"Red" Galerie Lendl, Graz-A
"Jorrit Tornquist" Galleria Rino Costa,Valenza Po (AL) –I
"Red &Blue" Studio F22 modern art gallery / Palazzolo s/Oglio (BS)
Galleria FreeTime Club, Cesena-I
"Color-Works" Galleria Comunale d'Arte Palazzo del Ridotto, Cesena-FC
"Color-Works" Palazzo della Loggia, Salone Vanvitelliano, Brescia-I
"Color-Works" Lagorio Arte Contemporanea
Galleria Tarozzi, Pordenone (UD)
"La forma e il suo Labyrinthus" Museo Fondazione
Luciana Matalon, Milano –I
"The dawn of wizard" studio f.22 modern art gallery,
Palazzolo s/Oglio (BS) -I
Poliart, Galleria d'Arte, Milano –I
Galerie Leonhard, Graz –A
"Colore e luce" Pad.2 di MadeExpo, Fiera Milano Rho -I
"La forma e il suo Labyrinthus" Museo Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milano-I
"The dawn of wizard", Studio f.22 modern art gallery, Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia-I Poliart, Galleria d’Arte, Milano-I
Galerie Leonhard, Graz-A
"La materia della Scienza" Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna, Ljubljana-Slo
"Colore e luce" pad.2 di Made Expo dal 5 al 9 febbraio 2008, fiera Milano, Rho-I
"Jorrit Tornquist viaggio a Roma" Musei di San Salvatore in Lauro, Roma-I
Disegni 1959-1991, Galleria Civica Gian Battista Bosio, Desenzano del Garda-I
"Jorrit Tornquist viaggio a Perugia" Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Palazzo dei Priori, Perugia-I
Jorrit Tornquist, Prinzip Farbe, Neue Galerie, Graz-A
"Dal Cielo alla Terra" Studio f.22, Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Brescia-I
"Arte scienza progetto colore" Museo di Santa Caterina/Piazzetta Mario Botter, Treviso-I
"Jorrit Tornquist viaggio a Genova" Museo palazzo reale, Genova-I
"Il colore universo" Cappella Maggiore spazio espositivo Vicolo Giardino, Treviso-I
"Oltre il colore Jenseits von farbe" Galleria comunale d’Arte Contemporanea al Montirone, Abano Terme, Padova-I
"The Intersection of Color and Thought" Philip J.Steele Gallery, Rocky mountain College of Art and Design, Denver, Colorado
"Jorrit Tornquist allo studio GR" Sacile -I
"…colore colore colore…" Jorrit Tornquist; Chiari, Brescia
"Colibrì, frammenti d’arcobaleno" Studio f.22 modern art gallery, Palazzolo s/o, Brescia -I
"Jorrit Tornquist e la luce eterna del colore" Museo Nazionale, Ravenna -I
ArteSilva, Seregno, Milano -I